Welcome to Scotland's private tenant forum



This is a brand new forum for private tenants, in part in response to the big changes happening in the private rented sector in Scotland from 1st December 2017. Some pages might look a bit bare just now - we’ll be developing it over the next few months, so stick with it!

Your experiences will help us understand how the renting system is currently working and what needs to be done to strengthen tenants’ rights and improve things.

This is a forum for open discussion and the views and comments expressed here are not a representation of those of Shelter Scotland.

The forum is an open platform for people to express and discuss their views - but any abusive or offensive behaviour or language will not be tolerated. Anyone behaving abusively towards another member or making them feel unwelcome will result in them being removed from the forum. See our Community Rules for more information.

Forum members and admin are NOT trained advisers. For housing advice, please visit our free online advice pages or contact us at: https://scotland.shelter.org.uk/about_us/contact_us