Tribunal Workshop Event


Hi, a few of you had advised me that you would be interested in meeting up (eg. Edinburgh or Glasgow Office) for a short information/discussion session to discuss private renting. I had suggested perhaps running a short workshop on how the first tier tribunal can support renters. We could also have time for forum members to have a chat about their own renting priorities/changes they would like to see afterwards.

It would be good to know how many would be interested in this and what days/times would work best for you.
(Likely to be February/March)

If interested drop me an email with your location preferences, availability & accessibility requirements or leave a post here and i’ll see if we can work something out.



I’m in Glasgow and available anytime and would really love to participate in this meeting.
Tracey Donnelly


Hi James.
I think another forum meet up would be great.
I can be flexible about a meeting, any day except Mondays.
I would be happy to travel through to Glasgow if that worked out best for folks.


sorry. should have said., Normally I am in Edinburgh


I would be interested, I work alternate morning or afternoon shifts (8-1.30 or 1-6) and am Glasgow based. I am on afternoons next week and alternate therafter. Ican’t manage Friday afternoons.



Sounds interesting James. I would be up for attending, shedule permitting. As its shift work I can’t say when suits best till nearer the time.


Hi James
I am available most times as in between jobs at the moment. It would have to be in Glasgow that’s the only thing. My landlord is getting worse I have had no heating since Hogmanay and now he is not replying to my texts. The guy needs his day in court instead of the day in Spain golfing as he is over there all the time as it lis better weather for his athiritis. Wish it was me!,


Send me an email with details Tracey1916 and your contact number and i’ll get back in touch with you.



Hi James
My contact number is 07961455683 Can be reachable anytime really.


Hi Tracey1916, if you have any texts/emails telling landlord about heating and other issues can you bring them Thursday? Cheers. For everyone else, still looking at dates for a session looking at tribunal. I’ll get back in touch soon though!