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It’s also a bit annoying that this forum (which is otherwise very good - and it’s good to see it being used more and more) doesn’t keep a Reply under the question like e.g Facebook usually does.

Now, I’ve looked properly : I see that " Other Private Tenancy Applications" is actually all PRT applications in one place. I mean, seriously; what an unhelpful way of labelling it. So, then, click on 110 for a wrongful termination order and what happens? The page just refreshes and doesn’t change. It’s mad. I guess I’m supposed to go to that menu on the right now and work out what I want? It isn’t clear AT ALL.

Can you spell it out for us James - what does someone literally have to click on to make a wrongful termination app?


Re replies: Agree Parker_Tron, i’m not sure if that is just a limitation of the forum but i’ll find out.

Yes, I think the idea is that by categorising them (in theory) it should be easier for people to find the form they need quicker but understand what you are saying.

What do you think of the actual application form - I’ve attached the repair form above. Do you think it would be easy enough to fill out?


Can you fill it out and submit it electronically??


You can certainly fill it online…but … I will need to check whether you can actually submit it electronically (as it requires a signature!)


If you wish to submit an application form, you can use the postal details above or email a scanned copy of the signed application form and supporting documents to This mailbox has an automated response and we cannot respond to requests for advice or general enquiries


What else do we think could be added to Shelter Scotland’s online advice to make it easier for renters to use the Tribunal if they need it?


Hmm. Maybe it’s not the end of the world to sign, print and send but they could make it more efficient if they wanted to, couldn’t they. It is 6 pages, after all. Let people submit electronically and then some other verification process. Maybe an authorisation code to the email address that they must validate - or something. I’m no expert on digital verification, but i do think that the easier you make it the better for tenants. Even scanning it means printing it first doesn’t it.


What else do we think could be added to Shelter Scotland’s online advice to make it easier for renters to use the Tribunal if they need it?

What have you got already James? Can you link to it please.


These are the main resources that we have in relation to the the Tribunal but some of our advice content will link/relate to the Tribunal (for example - page on rent increases, repairs etc)

  1. Shelter Scotland Tribunal help page:
  2. Some help videos we have created to raise awareness of when and how the Tribunal may benefit a tenant: (Videos 3 & 4)


I’ll have to look at this later James, signing off for now.


The form is ok, it’s short and manageable. The intro information and info at the end could be shorter and simplified, perhaps in bullet points. “His duty” and other legalistic language sounds dated.


That’s absolutely fine - I’ll leave the forum thread open so that you can come back on it, and any other members too when they have time. Also might want to think about the type of areas/issues/topics that you would like to see discussed in future. Good speaking to you today. J


Yes I forgot to mention this, the online submission of a form should be pretty standard in the year 2019, it’s bizarre that this is not the default.


Yes, that’s interesting - the idea of bullet points and key information to ensure that renters are not missing out key info that might impact their application.

Re: the online form. I think the difficulty is the signature requirement.

Be good to get your take on what you think of Shelter Scotland resources if you needed help using Tribunal and likewise as i posted earlier - let us know what you would like to see more of on the forum, what interests you in particular?

Thanks again for getting involved. I’ll leave the thread open and i’ll drop in later today and throughout the week.

Regards James


Thanks James, happy to share views etc.


Thanks Duncan. Really useful stuff!

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