Tenants need to remember that Landlords can have mortgages!


I have a tenant who is employed and has chosen to stay in my house 3 months rent free because he ‘knows his rights’. He could leave but he is surrounded by people who tell him all the things to claim for. He has come to the end of his 3 months and has phoned Shelter scotland who advised him to wait until he has been served his eviction papers. ShelterScotland you are truly not helping. I have a mortgage on this property. I rely on the rent to pay the mortgage. It seems it is all about the rights of the tenants. The law needs to make things harder i.e. there is no consideration in the law for the landlord in this situation. This is causing me considerable grief and organisations such as this could do more to be constructive and make the tenant see that they have a responsibility to pay their rent. I rent a house also and I would live in a tent before I stopped paying my landlord rent. Where is common decency. Why is common decency not promoted instead of feeding people their rights. It is the right of a human being to be decent to another. It seems to be assumed that al landlords are rich and can afford to suck it up. I am very disappointed with how shelter scotland has gotten involved in this.


Landlord comes onto a tenants’ forum to give a very edited story (“has chosen to stay in my house 3 months rent free because he ‘knows his rights’”) and demand sympathy. It really doesn’t work like that Elaine.