Roof Repair in flats


Hi all,

We are currently in a top floor flat and there is a leak coming from the ceiling. We initially reported it in September and still waiting for it to get fixed. The leak is getting progressively worse and we are having to catch the water in a bucket whenever it rains.

The letting agent is begrudgingly sending out a roofer although they said in an email today “this is not actually ours nor your landlords responsibility to resolve and cover the cost of the repair required. It is actually the responsibility of all of the property owners in your building”.

By chance the previous tenant (he was a taxi driver who happened to drop us home one night) informed us that after 3 years of complaining about the roof/ceiling and nothing getting done he gave up and moved out. From what I gather they painted over the ceiling and replaced the furnishings without addressing the water coming from the roof and allowed us to move in. Given they managed to avoid dealing with the issue for that long I feel we might have a fight on our hands to get anything done.

I understand that there will be a building factor involved but surely it is (at least) the responsibility of the letting agent/landlord to deal with the factor on our behalf? Any info or advice welcome.

Thanks in advance!


I had sent you PM last week Djog but probably good to highlight this for anyone else in similar situation!

The landlord has the responsibility to ensure that the property being rented out meets the correct standards including being wind and watertight. If it means that s/he needs to liaise with other owners to resolve common repairs that is for them to arrange but it does not absolve them from their repairing responsibilities:

If there is a letting agent responsible for managing repairs in the property then they should have timescales for repairs and a written complaints procedure:

Would be good to hear from others whether they have had similar issues getting repairs completed?