Repairing Standard Enforcement Order


I note with interest in an article published recently in Scottish Housing News that the First-Tier Tribunal in October 2018 served a Repairing Standard Enforcement Order on a landlord in Paisley. In amongst the repairs listed, it also said the decision also highlights the need for landlords to provide adequate heating throughout a property through a ‘fixed form of heating’ whether ‘electric or gas’.

Did the F-TT mention this as something they believe a landlord should do, or is it part of the RSEO?


Its part of the enforcement order andymc,

Here’s the full decision and the requirement is listed under part 5 of the RSEO:


Thanks for the prompt reply James.

What impact will this decision have on other properties with no fixed heating i.e. convectors style heating.

I ask this as there are properties in my area still being let with no fixed heating installed


It would be up to the tribunal members based on the facts of each case to make a judgement on what is necessary to bring it up to the required standards.
Repairing Standard:
“the installations in the house for the supply of water, gas and electricity and for sanitation, space heating and heating water are in a reasonable state of repair and in proper working order”

and also case law on
Habitability (Mcarthy v GCC 1988) “a house suffering from cold and damp which can only be made habitable by incurring huge heating bills cannot be said to be habitable”

It may be useful for those residents to get in touch with our helpline (or alternatively can contact me directly) to discuss further