PRS Conference Slides


Couldn’t make our PRS conference last month? Fear not! All of the speaker slides are now available to view on Shelter Scotland’s website. Speaker topics included:

  • Generation Rent
  • Rent pressure zones
  • First-tier Tribunal cases
  • Private tenant engagement


Thanks for the slides. (only just seen the post).

The Campaigns manager at Shelter Cymru wrote this summary of the day and the lessons emerging from our tenancy reform here in Scotland.


Cheers! Interesting to get an outsiders perspective on the Scottish context. What are your thoughts on Jennie’s take on the PRS here?


It’s not good to hear about possible misuse of possession grounds by landlords, and it would be good to learn more. Perhaps you can elaborate and start a discussion here in the tenants’ forum so that other tenants can stay alert to what’s going on and be clear how to challenge at the FTT if they find evidence of wrongful terminations.


Good idea! I wasn’t aware of their being large numbers of cases involving misuse of the new PRT eviction grounds from our advisers in Scotland but the new tenancy has only been around for a year and half but time will tell


Izzy Gaughan of Shelter Scotland alludes to them here aswell, in her blog on 02 May, under the para : So, what lessons can we pass on to England?

• While Scotland now offers indefinite tenancies, it is important to remember that landlords still have 18 grounds for repossession. Unfortunately, anecdotal evidence from our services suggests that some of these grounds are being misused. Too often, the onus is on the tenant to prove that a landlord has acted illegally – for example, landlords stating they are evicting a tenant to sell a property, which may never be sold.