"No DSS" adverts & policies


Have you ever had problems renting a house because a landlord wouldn’t accept tenants on benefits? Have you ever been stopped from getting a new place because of a “No DSS” advert?

You told us this was a problem, and our research confirmed it.

We also spoke to tenants to find out what you think should be done to improve private renting and make this practice a thing of the past.

From your suggestions it seems there are some steps which could help:

  1. “No DSS” policies are wrong and should not be used as a reason to stop someone from renting a home – the stigma of people on benefits needs to end.
  2. Government policy on benefits needs to change so that private renting is an affordable option for someone on benefits.
  3. Benefit payments should not be affected by delays and errors – not only is this a nightmare for tenants but this may also make landlords less willing to rent to benefits recipients.

Feel free to have a read of our recent blog post about it here: https://blog.scotland.shelter.org.uk/time-say-yes-dss/

Have you been treated like this by a landlord or letting agency because you were getting benefits? Did they give you a reason for making their decision? Do you agree with the steps above or is there something else you think should be done?

We’d love you to share any thoughts or experiences with us below…?