Going to sleep in a cold room, waking up in a cold room


I tried putting foam strips on the window to stop the draught coming in but they didn’t work very well. Now that it’s colder, it feels like I’m waking up in a tent. The tiny radiator is right by the window and I think the heat just escapes instead of filling up the room.

I don’t like being in my flat (even during the day) because it’s too cold and uncomfortable, even with the heating on. I am a bit nervous to confront the letting agent about this because I already phoned up in August and she told me to buy a thermal curtain. I don’t have the time or energy to chase them up legally but I don’t know if I can cope with another 4 or 5 months of not wanting to be in my own flat.

Any suggestions?


What did you make of their thermal curtain suggestion? Is it something you can do?


I don’t really have time to buy and put up a thermal curtain (don’t have the tools). I thought it was up to the landlord to make sure the property is airtight and water tight but I might be wrong.


Welcome to the forum Emily. Your landlord must ensure that the property is adequately heated. As you said earlier, the landlord must make sure that the property is wind and watertight too. Can I ask when you moved in to the property?


Hi James, I moved in around the 10th August.


Okay, is it a letting agent or landlord that you have been dealing with so far?


It’s been a letting agent the whole time.


Okay, the reason I ask is because there is now a letting agent code of practice that the agent should be following. This sets out how the letting agent should be dealing with repair requests.

For example - there is a section in the code “Carrying out repairs & maintenance” which makes clear that they, “must put in place appropriate written procedures and processes for tenants (& landlords) to notify you of any repairs and maintenance required” if they provide this service on behalf of the landlord.

It also goes on to say that they must “give tenant clear information about who will manage any repairs or maintenance, as agreed with the landlord and set out in the tenancy agreement”

It continues that, “You must respond to enquiries and complaints within reasonable timescales.”

Based on your move in date, you will likely have a PRT and this being the case you should have both greater security in the property (no tenancy end date and no eviction without reason) and also greater flexibility (28 days’ notice for tenant to end tenancy unless otherwise agreed during tenancy).

Were you given any paperwork when you moved in confirming the tenancy type?