End of Tenancy & Deposits


I just moved out of my old flat and my landlord wants to take £800 from our deposit. Some of what he is charging us for is reasonable and some isn’t. Is £400 to replace a regular white carpet that has a stain reasonable? He is also charging us for regular wear and tear, like his decision to repaint the walls so that they look new.

How difficult is it to represent yourself at these tribunals? What’s the likelihood of success? I’m worried that the letting agent and landlord will have more evidence than we do, as it didn’t occur to me to take pictures and now we no longer have access to the flat. Also my flatmate had not cleared out all of the furniture and food, so there were some mistakes on our side.


Hi SarahG,

  1. The first step would be to check that tenancy deposit has been registered correctly - and if it has then it is held by scheme until agreement reached between you and landlord. I’ve attached some info below:
  1. If the landlord has not used a scheme then this is when you would got to tribunal - and you would have to apply within 3 months of the tenancy end date.

3)I’ve also attached a guide on how deposit scheme would handle a dispute over tenancy deposit and wear and tear:

  1. The Tribunal should in theory be less formal than court and aims to treat both parties equally. Some of the forum members had been discussing the Tribunal recently. Would be good to get your thoughts (Any any other members too) here: Tribunal Online Session