Does Landlord need to provide new carpets and decorate the flat every 3/4yrs?


Feel free to discuss anything here that you like or dislike about being a private tenant. Is there an issue you feel strongly about? What needs to change? Have the recent changes to the private rented sector gone far enough?


Hi Tracey1916,

There are no set timescales for improvements (eg. replacement carpets) but there is a legal requirement to ensure that the property meets the “repairing standard”. This is the standard of repair that the property needs to meet throughout your tenancy. I have attached the standard below. If you think your landlord/agent has fallen short you would be best to put something in writing to them (or email) to tell them what the issue is and give them reasonable time to fix it.

A property will satisfy the repairing standard if:

it is wind and watertight and reasonably fit for human habitation
it is structurally and externally in a reasonable state of repair and in good working order
the installations for the supply of water, gas or electricity, for sanitation, heating and hot water are in a reasonable state of repair and in good working order
any fittings, fixtures or appliances supplied by the landlord as part of the tenancy are in good working order
any furniture provided by the landlord can be used safely for the purpose for which it was designed
it is fitted with suitable smoke detectors
it is fitted with suitable provision for giving warning if the carbon monoxide levels are hazardous

It is not always clear whether a property is meeting this standard. If you think it isn’t and you are unable to get repairs carried out by the landlord then you can apply free of charge to the First-Tier Tribunal to ask them to make a decision.

Here’s some additional information from our advice pages if you are renting a furnished property:

How long have you been renting?


4.5 yrs Sorry I just noticed this. I sent him photos of all the putty coming away from the windows. It’s the old wooden sash windows and when it’s windy my curtains actually sway with the wind and my living room is totally freezing. I need to have my heating on 24/7 even in the summer or the house is like an iceberg. When I said I fear for them falling out I was told I was exaggerating and when I messaged him to say the handle of the toilet had broken off he told me I’m not the tenant my partner Brian is so I broke it I’ve to fix it. We went to decorate and sent him a pic of this damp patch, heard nothing so we just filled the hole with polyfilla and papered over it. And this was way light was left in bathroom after we tried to fit a new one but old one was stuck hard and only because electrician came to do a safety check it got fixed as the gas man told him for the last 2yrs he needed to fit smoke alarms but this was only done after us being in the property for 4yrs with none. He’s getting beyond a joke and has the cheek to ask us to pay arrears we owe which we have been doing for over a year.

But stuck in this situation that can’t get Council house as not priority enough which makes it frustrating when you see single guys getting brand new built Council flats Sorry for the rant☹️


Hi Tracey1916, Thanks for sharing the photos- the property needs to be wind and watertight to meet the repairing standard and that is the responsibility of the landlord. From what you have sent and said it seems clear that there are disrepair issues in the property. I think it would be useful if we could perhaps have a chat with Brian (if he is the tenant) if possible (either online or over the phone) to advise on best way to approach the situation. We have a helpline 0808 800 4444 open Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm and a chat service usually from 10 -3 weekdays. Let me know how you get on Tracey1916?

Don’t be sorry for ranting - that’s what the forum is there for!