Can a landlord or letting agency enter your home without permission


Feel free to discuss anything here that you like or dislike about being a private tenant. Is there an issue you feel strongly about? What needs to change? Have the recent changes to the private rented sector gone far enough?


I have had an visit from an letting agent they inspected my property while I was not in I have questioned the letting agency they say this is legal and they put inspection dates on my Tennant’s agreement which I missed




Is this a legal part of the document I’m a bit confused on this


Hi Sambeavis1,

A landlord has a right to enter the property to view the condition and state of repair at reasonable times of the day on giving 24 hours’ notice in writing, (for newer private residential tenants 48 hours notice is required). However, they can only gain entry with a tenant’s permission and if this is not given the landlord has to apply to the First-tier Tribunal for Scotland for access. This is what the letting agent code of practice (rules for letting agents) says about it:


It doesn’t say on the paperwork you have listed what time of day etc. the agent planned to come around so i’m not sure that this would satisfy the requirements of the law. You may raise this matter with the tribunal - as a letting agent breach of the code. It would be for the tribunal to decide what action to take here.

(In some cases it can be argued that the landlord/agent has committed a criminal offence (harassment) if accessing the property can be shown as an act, “likely to interfere with the peace or comfort of the occupier” but before taking any action here i would perhaps give our helpline a call: